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IIT Safalta

'Let the mystic powerful mantras for JEE success resonate you for success.'

IIT Safalta is an online portal for those JEE aspirants who can’t come to or couldn’t make it to IIT Gurukulam because of some or other reason.

The entire portal has been designed by the team of IIT Gurukulam which has already established itself as the best on this globe for an assured & exquisite success in JEE. Well, you can’t have anything better to IIT Gurukulam but if you couldn’t come to it for some reason, then this portal is best possible platform for all the ‘Eklavyas’ sitting at their home & who still wants to gain from the great expertise & Midas touch of the gurus form the Mecca of IIT training.

Key features & benefits -

  • Video Lectures
  • Topic wise Practice Lectures
  • Topic wise Practice Sheets
  • Chapter wise Tests/Full length Test
  • Exhaustive Study Material
  • All India Test Series - JEE Shikhar
  • Discussion of Previous Years' JEE Questions
  • KVPY & Olympiad Prep. Lectures & Tests

IIT Gurukulam

Every year, 13-14 Lac students appear for each IIT-JEE. Students fight tooth and nail for a few thousand seats of top colleges in India.

Less than 1% of the aspirants get admission to the top rated Engineering colleges of the country. Hence, these examinations are considered as the toughest in the world. But as it is correctly said, every lock has a key & every problem comes with a solution. Similarly, one need to crack the code if one wants to crack the examination.

& the code is -

'Why is it that students generally fail to crack IIT-JEE?

Listen to it by a Man, considered more a rebel & the one who always make people think differently.

A must watch video for every JEE Aspirant



Learn the most critical concepts through the most attractive styles. Concept lectures are detailed discussion of any topic. These concept lectures deliver information in a detailed form that it gets permanent imprints in your mind without any extra efforts.

Practice lectures contain a detailed description of every question related to a particular topic. A practice lecture is the revision of the topic under the guidance of the teachers so that you can clear your doubts while learning the topic itself.

Any competitive exam requires observation of the pattern of exam, types of questions, marking scheme and the difficulty level. The goal is to understand these parameters for solving the final IIT-JEE exam. IIT Safalta has designed these video lectures where you will be assisted by mentors while solving the previous year question papers. With a better understanding of each chapter, you can easily master all the topics for the exam.

All India Test Series

IIT- JEE is one of the most prestigious examinations and to assure secured position on All India basis, we have designed All India Test series, whose date will be pre-declared on the IIT-Safalta website. This test will be exactly like IIT-JEE, the pattern, timings, marks. By this, you will get an idea about your all India ranking and the competition level too.

Sample Papers are based on particular subjects. Appearing in these papers give an idea about the preparation for the particular subject.

Chapter test is based on an individual chapter only. Solving this test will give an analysis of the chapter. These tests will help you analyze your strong and weak chapters.


To give a wider outlook of every topic, the whole course material has been designed in the text format. This will help you learn any chapter while reading the text and will also be ready for instant references too.

Practicing is the only method that assures your selection. We provide you the practice sheet, solving which will make you confident, make your time management stronger and will assure the high chances of selection. These practice sheets will help you analyze your preparation.

Along with IIT JEE you can excel in other competitive exams such as KVPY and Olympiads. Study material specific to these exam will be provided.